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Direct Mail

Probably our favourite offline channel to work on here at P&P. The scope for creativity and application of our Direct Response Principles can often having the biggest impact through personalisation, format and intrigue


We have worked on specialist Q4 Direct Mail for The Body Shop for the last 4 years with tremendous results. Together with the team there we test formats and approach achieving RR% as high as 14%


We are now in our tenth year of working with this DIY and Trade Giant! We work in pretty much every offline channel for Screwfix and Direct Mail is a channel we are constantly testing and optimising with consistent success in both retention and acquisition


Hard-hitting messaging, but with a feeling of positivity is key to get the best results for RSPCA. We are in our 2nd working with this wonderful charity. We work across Direct Mail and Insert channels and one of our combined efforts is currently nominated for a DMA award.


A fairly new client here at P&P and we have very proud that our first Direct Mail piece with Mobility Plus delivered fantastic results. Leads generated were 150% above forecast and sales over 50% above forecast. Looking forward to the next project!

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We were delighted to work for this global brand across various offline channels including Inserts and Direct Mail. The creatives performed on and above forecast and were re-versioned for Italy and France


We loved working on the British Seniors Direct mail test which performed so well it instantly became their control creative and still is (re-versioned). The key to success was really optimising the personalisation with consistent touch points to the recipient throughout the artwork to add that warm & personal approach

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