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Our range of work is broad and multi-channel.
To help you see a selection of what is relevant to you we have broken some visuals down by media channel.
Every piece of work you see is designed with one thing in mind... 

Maximum Performance.


From 16 page to 300 page from B2B to B2C our range of work in catalogues is varied. But of course the principles remain entirely similar. The tried and tested methods that inspire an action still have a part to play in every single page. Never templated, each creative element always working as hard as possible.

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Inserts & Door Drops

This channel needs to be the hardest working of all offline channels. You literally have seconds to catch the interest of your prospect. So creative with the right strategy, hard hitting message, and an innovative format is essential to see the best possible ROI.

Direct Mail & PAM

Probably our favourite channel to work on here at P&P. The scope for creativity and application of Direct Response Principles can often have the biggest impact through personalisation, format and imagery.

TBS Esert Table_edited.jpg

Press Advertising

Our clients use press and magazine advertising with tremendous success. It is an excellent testing ground for new products and offers as you can go to market in a matter of days with a wide range of A/B split tests available. We also have great relationships with the best Media Buyers in the UK to get you the best possible rates and boost your ROAS

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We apply the same principles and techniques that we use in our offline design work to e-mail. Problem solving messaging, offer architecture with teeth and scarcity. Trust, credibility and authority combined with a clear call to action produces exceptional results for our clients.

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