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Write a letter to a friend

Most ads would perform better if they were written as if they were spoken.

But, if you really want to boost your ad performance, pretend you care about the person you're talking to as if they were your friend.

And you have something important to give them to make their life easier, better, more convenient, or less stressful.

Now, tell this person exactly what you want to say in the most direct, simple, and persuasive way possible.

Don't worry about writing ad copy just yet. Forget about structure, spelling, and punctuation. Or even sentences.

They're your friend. They don't care about that stuff. They care about what you have to say.

Your job is to tell your friend why what you've found will help them and why they should act straight away.

Tell them about all the advantages they will receive and the worries they will avoid.

It doesn't matter if it's one long sentence that goes on for four pages or a series of bullet points.

What matters are all the critical points you want your friend to understand so they can begin living a better life.

But how do you know you've covered everything you need to?

Consider the following questions:

  • Have I made it clear to my friend what's in it for them and why what I have to say is important?

  • Have I expressed my concerns for them? Are these fears real, or will they just think I'm crying "Wolf"?

  • Have I mentioned the benefits I've found for them and why they should act now? Or am I skirting around them?

  • Have I made them feel what is absolutely necessary for them to understand?

  • Have I been clear about the words, phrases, and ideas I want to emphasise?

  • Is what I've written straightforward and compelling? Or would it bore my pal?

  • Why should my offers and incentives pique my friend's interest?

When you ask these questions of your ads and marketing, you make them stand up to interrogation, and you can't help but improve them.

It compels you to create something relevant, compelling, and exciting for your prospect (your friend).

To help you make ads your friend won't be bored reading and inspire them to respond, contact

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