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A simple, direct and consistent approach to design & message creates uplift in sales of over 100%

RSPB connected with P&P over 10 years ago and yes we are still working with them! They felt their catalogue simply wasn’t working hard enough. The pages were bland and lacked intrigue. Bu there was a more immediate problem, an underperforming insert which went to over 1 million RSPB members


Quite simply to improve response. The insert which was included in the bi-monthly members pack was massively underperforming and the feeling was a  real opportunity was being missed with this warm audience.


The gift offer-end date on previous campaigns was buried in the terms and conditions. Dialling up the significance of this is a powerful trigger to act. 


Creative tuning

Deliver high-performing direct response insert and direct mail, yet still adhere to the brand's fresh, uncluttered branding and design assets.  



Paper formats can be a bit bulky, boring, and flat. So, it's less likely that this advertising will be kept around for a long time. This is why we suggested a pop-out card for the insert and a perforated DL voucher on the direct mail letter. People can use the incentive whenever they're ready by tearing it. 

Screenshot 2022-10-15 at 20.43.41.png


The gift offer-end date on previous campaigns was buried in the terms and conditions. Dialling up the signifi cance of this is a powerful trigger to act.

Social proof

Using testimonials is a great way to show the prospect the validity of your brand and offer. But increasing the specificity and word count of these more detail about individual products and service experiences can increase their effectiveness. .


We’ve managed to reach twice as many lapsed/non-buyers this year as last year

Lorna Clarke, Catalogue Manager


On the insert, we recommended partnership endorsements from the other brands carrying their insert with their parcels. This imparts brand affiliation and authority, helping grow trust and credibility quicker. 


On the direct mail, we recommended extra personalisation on the DL voucher. This added element increases the likelihood of the incentive being kept for longer as people are less likely to throw something away that has their name on


Media boost: CPA as low as £6


Volume: £180,000

Revenue: £310,000

Profit: £116,000

RR: 13.95%



102% uplift in orders


23% increase in sales

James, P&P Founder

We love working with RSPB and very proud of the impact we have made on both the look and feel of the creative, but even more so the performance."

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