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What does your catalogue 'Before & After' look like?

We just need 20 minutes to show your new page designs to you and we'll even send the pdfs to you to keep. No charge, no's just a great opportunity for us to show you a little of what we can do!

Below are some snippets from the catalogue review we produced for YPO. Now one of our biggest clients


The gift offer-end date on previous campaigns was buried in the terms and conditions. Dialling up the significance of this is a powerful trigger to act. 

Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 07.45.06.png

James and the team at Paper& Pixels have optimised our catalogue in every single way. Their knowledge of what converts and their attention to detail is exceptional

Mimi Toure-Watts, Marketing Manager at YPO

Book in your 'before & after' demo and see your new designs for free


The demo we contain the new bespoke page designs, and also the direct response rationale behind the changes we have made. We will e-mail you the deck that James presented and this is yours to keep and share. No charge, no obilgation.

What's the catch? 


This might seem pretty generous from our side, but it's work we are happy to carry out. We found the best way to show you a little of what we can do is to work directly on your pages.


We are pretty confident that next time you have a creative requirement... we will very much be front of mind


A spread or 3 from your catalogue re-designed and optimised with direct response principles proven to increase conversions

The above broken down into a simple to follow guide of what we've done and why

Notes on the 80:20 page principle, reverse Z-track templating, AOV boosting cross-sell techniques and much much more

review includes:
PLUS: Your FREE V.A.S Eye Tracking Report

When we start each catalogue creative review, we first run the existing creative through our AI driven eye-tracking software.


The report gives us insights including:


Heatmap - an easy to read visual overview of the salient areas of the design

Hotspots - scores the probability of gaining viewer's attention in the hotspot regions

Gaze Sequence - the order of the 4 most likely to be noticed areas

Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 12.56.37.png
The detailed VAS report is yours to keep and will be included in your review

Below are just some of our B2B partners that we have produced optimised catalogue creative for...

Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 12.17.01.png

These reviews represent incredible value and honestly they are a bit of a no brainer for any business that uses a catalogue as part of their marketing mix!

Alec Bartlett -  Creative Director at P&P

Paper & Pixels consistently boost our ad performance across all offline channels and our catalogue rates have increased by 30+%, well into double figures"

Every Segment mailed delivered incremental profit vs. control one the direct mail with double figure response rates

Kelly Cliff  -  Brand & Experience Manager
Kirsty Young -  Head of Performance Marketing
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Screenshot 2021-11-23 at 16.03.40.png

Book your creative in for our free 'before & after' demo

Thanks! We'll be in touch shortly.

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